Restoration (and Custom) Work

Welcome to my motorcycle projects page. Two years ago I published my first major work, my restoration book, but not content with that I started on Book 2 which features building customs, so its time to focus soley on custom work. My current project is 100% fabrication. It’s another z650 and it featured in my book as a sample of how bad you can neglect and butcher a z650. Well its been stripped, and numerous parts are now coming together. This week I am launching a custom page for my 1977 z650 B1 CR build.

If your chasing information on my book then visit the page dedicated to it.

This page is dedicated to documenting the status of my rebuilds. Recently I have been slowly working on my z650 Cafe Racer in preparation for my second book. I have been endeavouring to slowly restore or customise motorcycles from my small collection. My main focus has been my z1a, z1000A2 and my GPz1100. At present I have been obtaining the missing items for each to get them back to brand new. The project list is as follows.

Project List

The current list of restoration work that I am undertaking or about to under take is:

  • 1974 Kawaskai z1a Restoration project.
  • 1976 Kawasaki z900-A4 Restoration Project – (Mostly Completed).
  • 1978 z1000A2 – Rebuild/Restore/Customize Project
  • 1977 Kawasaki z650-B1 – Completed but still some tidy up work.
  • 1982 GPz1100-B1 – Scheduled to start in late 2018
  • 1982 GPz1100-B2 – Currently in final re-assembly phase.
  • 1984 GPz900R (ZX900-A1) – Completed (Scheduled for freshen up in 2018)
  • 1985 GPz900R (ZX900-A2) – Rolling frame cleaned up, engine on hold (valves in head, need gaskets and time 🙂
  • 1977 z650 Custom rebuild project – Registered and 99% completed.
  • 1977 z650 Cafe Racer – Being used as feature in my next book! Currently sourcing and fabricating custom parts.
  • 1980 z650F1 – In storage
  • 1985 GPz900R x2 – In storage
  • 1983 GPz1100A1 – x2 In Storage
  • 1972 CB750 Honda – In Storage
  • 1974 CB750 Honda Cafe Racer – started 2004 – In storage – review later in 2019
  • 1980 z1000g – In storage – z1 classic
  • 1983 GPz1100 (zx1100A1) – In Storage.

Restarted Projects

I have been slowly rebuilding two bikes a 1974 Kawasaki z1A and a 1978 Kawasaki z1000-A2. Both live in the lounge room partially due to the garage being full and because the house is significantly cleaner. They also make a good conversation starter when friends come to visit.

Status Updates – z1000

I used the z1000 (and z1a) extensively for photo shoots for my book so the rolling frame was stripped and rebuilt numerous times to get different angles and effects for my first book. I have ordered numerous small parts recently including a new wiring harness, bolts and a Stainless Steel spoke kit, checkout my article on lacing up the rear wheel. I’ve also finally sourced a pair of rear caliper pistons and rebuild kit so that will see the rear brakes assembled.

The rebuilds have not been a high priority but I intend to have two rolling frames completed and at least the engine for the z1000A2 installed before the end of 2017.

Parts needed for the z1000A2:

  • New coils with leads and caps -shiping now (Feb 2018).
  • Aftermarket brake lines (2 front and 1 rear).
  • Electronic ignition – Dyna ?
  • Possibly exhaust flanges (they have disappeared).
  • Paint work.
  • Clean up 4 into 1 exhaust system
  • Battery.
  • Tubes & Tyres
  • A few odds and ends for the frame.


I have been updating the tutorials on the site, here is a partial list with more to come:

Still to do:

Like all hobbies, I have lots more projects to complete, otherwise I might decide to sell some in the near future.

  • 1980 Kawasaki z1000G – In storage (Planned to be a z1 clone but with Megasquirt EFI)
  • 1980 Kawasaki z650-F1 – In storage – custom build.
  • 1972 Honda CB750K2 – In storage – factory restoration.
  • 1974 Honda CB750K4 Cafe Racer – Rolling frame in storage engine in garage (#5 engine in list of work to do).
  • 1983 ZX1100-A1 – in storage – Custom machine with ELR paint and modern fittings.
  • 1985 GPz900 Cafe Racer – still planning how this would work but very “doable”.

Online Clubs and Forums I visit

From time to time I visit these sites, worth a look on your part.

Notes on Specialist Work and parts suppliers:

Parts Suppliers I use

There are quite a number of parts suppliers, many are ripoff merchants and I wont pay double for a part that I know will come back on the market in due course. The following 3 I have purchased from and been very reasonable with good quality service. There might be other and in due course I will discover them and use them so this list is not definitive.

Keep an eye out for my new book How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Japanese Motorcycles –  published by Motorbooks. More information is on http://sidyoungcom/

If you have been searching for my old web site, they went bust and all the content on it is now gone.

Updated January 2017


3 thoughts on “Restoration (and Custom) Work”

  1. Mike Folks (MFolks) said:

    Great Site – cant wait for the book – sorry to have spammed you before with my long rant… wont do it again 🙂

  2. Paul v Grondelle said:

    Hi Sid, looking forward to future commentary and project updates … excellent work so far ….

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