I work extensively on Linux based systems and have spent the last 20+ years working on both Linux and Windows in large corporate environments, for nearly 10 of those years it was HPUX and some AIX.

In my current work environment, we run a large number of CENTOS servers with Parallels Virtualization using Containers, I run an Ubuntu desktop at work and at home I run a Fedora Desktop and right now I’m using my Vista Desktop (I bought the Median PC from ALDI – best buy ever!) to write this article (its been detuned to XP mode so it runs very well and never crashes).

For testing and development I have a couple of ESXi servers so that I can test various combinations of systems, right now I’m working on a Magento HA environment using nginx in a HA model with Magento running on top of a couple of nodes with a backend mySQL cluster. I intend to build an Rabbit MQ based version of Magento to offload some of the async tasks to a bunch of app servers and re-lease this back to the community as MagentoMQ-v1.8

Other Articles

I post both pages and blog posts on Linux and add snippets of info to Google+ from time to time.


This nice bit of handy info I pickup up from Google+ just recently. Despite changing CRONTAB entries everyweek I never seam to remember the order when adding new entries, so this will help!


Below are some Linux based notes and articles I refer to from time to time. Latest related Posts have been around Openstack and SaltStack:

Sid Young

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