GPz1100B2 – Strip Down


When I took the decision to take the GPz1100B2 off the road I decided it would be restored with an Eddie Lawson Replica paint scheme, one of the reason was I liked the paint scheme and secondly, it seamed to suit the style and design of the big GPz. So it began, rolling frame strip and the engine strip, clean and rebuild.

The Strip Down Process

While it is easy to just strip everything off, there is a methodical process I used to achieve a rebuild afterwards… the key is to keep as many sub-components together as possible so the bike can be re-assembled as is if needed prior to work being done. because I wanted to get the frame straightened first, I need to strip everything. Normally I would leave it till last.









So now we have a mass of parts, all will need rebuilding and rejuvenation of some kind. But next,  the engine needs to be cleaned of paint and then stripped as this occurs the frame components can get cleaned up and repaired/rebuilt as needed.


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