GPz1100B2 – Completing the Rebuild

An end in sight

After a couple of years of delays and procrastination, the rebuild is in the final stages. To sum the project up (and I will re-edit these sections once everything is completed), the project work has been done in the following steps:

  1. Frame Disassembly
  2. Engine Disassembly
  3. Frame Rebuild
  4. Engine Reassembly


Engine Assembly

I’m just chasing a gasket, Cometic make the type I need, These gasket are made from CFM-20.  CFM-20 is a perforated steel core with an elastomer surface that is ideal for head gaskets.  Allowing head to be drawn evenly across the gasket surface while providing maximum sealing characteristics when exposed to coolants and oils.

Bore Size Displacement Part Number
74mm 1060cc-1135cc C8019
76mm 1170cc-1200cc C8020
78mm 1230cc-1260cc C8021
80mm 1290cc-1325cc C8022
83mm 1385cc, 1425cc C8023

2 thoughts on “GPz1100B2 – Completing the Rebuild”

  1. excellent stuff mate, I’ve a B2 which is pretty horrible atm, I’ve had it a while and been collecting parts, I’m thinking about just getting it on the road rather than restoring it and then tackling it peice by peice when I have time , which probably means never ! ) really I’m just dying to use it but you site is an inspiration. I take it when you pulled the engine apart all was good, no need to do any bearings or check the crank ?


    • G’Day Paul,

      The bearings are needle rollers so they are pretty much indestructible as long as oil is fed to them and its reasonably clean.

      As for doing the resto of your bike, try this. Take 1 item and finish it.. if the frame is apart then start there and get the swingarm done at the same time (remove the bearings first). Then get the forks done, then the wheels.. just do one thing and bolt it to the bike.


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