z650B1 – Wiring

This is Part 3 in our refresh of a very tired 1977 kz650B1

The wiring harness was removed as part of the disassembly and then laid out to workout the extent of the damage. It had virtually no connectors and numerous other wires added in. The original fuse holder was replaced with a blade type, which is not a bad thing as blade fuses are easy to get. but with no connectors and flaky wiring a lot of work was going to be needed.


The switchgear shells came up nicely after powder coating but the lettering is gone and needs to be redone.

IMGP3690First task is to get the wiring in and repaired then recover it in new plastic tubing which is easy to get.

IMGP3692IMGP3698Repair consists of putting new wires in to replace the hacked in bits and adding bullet connectors to the ends, not the automotive style but proper electrical ones.

Part 4 – Repairs and Final Finishing

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