zx9r Basic Technical Info

I have included a technical info page so I didn’t have to resort to the manual all the time. When not specified by year, I have used the 1994B1 and 1998C1 model as a source (since I have one of each ).


1994-B1, 1995-B2 and 1996-B3, 1997-B4

1998-C1, 1999-C2

2000-E1, 2001-E2

2002-F1, 2003-F2

See here for pictures: http://www.zxforums.com/forums/zx-9r-forum/389-zx9r-oem-colors-over-years-usa-canada.html


Bore and Stroke

1994 ‘B’ Model – 73.0 x 53.7mm

1998 ‘C’ Model –

Pistons and Cylinder

Cylinder Inside Diameter 75.000mm – 75.012mm Service Limit: 75.10mm

Piston Diameter: 74.945mm – 74.960mm Service Limit: 74.79mm

Piston Ring Grove Clearance: Top Ring 0.04mm – 0.08mm Service Limit: 0.18mm

Piston Ring Grove Clearance: Second Ring 0.03mm – 0.07mm Service Limit: 0.17mm

Piston Ring End Gap: Top Ring 0.20mm – 0.35mm Service Limit: 0.6mm

Piston Ring End Gap: Second Ring 0.35mm – 0.50mm Service Limit: 0.8mm


Spark Plugs

NGK CR9EK or better CR9EIX (Iridium plug)


Valve Clearances

1994 ‘B’ Models – IN 0.18 – 0.23mm EX 0.21 – 0.26mm

1998 ‘C’ Models – IN 0.15 – 0.24mm   EX 0.22 – 0.31mm



Friction Plate Thickness: 2.72mm – 2.88mm Service Limit: 2.2mm

Friction and Steel Plate Warp: 0.2mm or less Service Limit: 0.3mm

Clutch Spring Length: 73.49mm Service Limit 69.9mm

Torque – Clutch Cover Bolts: 11N-m (1.1g-m, 95in-lb)