GPz900R Bearings

GPz900R – Useful Stuff – Assorted Bearings

The wheels on a GPz900R have standard wheel Bearings that Kawasaki and most bike manufacturers use and hence they are carried by virtually all quality bearing suppliers. I use the word “quality” explicitly as the Chinese also supply these bearings but the quality is not as good.

I strongly urge you to use SKF, NSK, CBC or another US, Japanese or European bearing manufacturer. You may pay a few dollars more but it is worth it!. When I last purchased the front wheel bearings they were just under $10 each so its a small price to pay for something that will work perfectly for 20years.


  • Front Wheel  6302-2RSH
  • Rear Wheel 6303-2RSH
  • Sprocket Carrier  6206-2RS1

Swing Arm

  • 4x   NTN HMK2015
  • 2x   NTN HMK2025
  • 4x   NTN HMK2530

Note: The GPz900R swing arm bearings are unique and not in common stock so you may need to order them in and wait. The GPzZone in the UK has them as a stock item.

Below is a typical wheel parts diagram showing the 2 bearings, the hub also holds a spacer, make sure its installed after the FIRST bearing goes in!


To remove them using a hammer and driver rod or use a press and push them out. To install them use a small 6 ton press if you can fit the hub in. Otherwise use a rubber mallet and a large socket and gently tap it in use  some grease to help them slide in nicely.


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