GPz1100B2 – Early Work

Early History

I initially documented the early work on the bike on the home page but have moved it here in March 2018.

March 2008

  • Installed new disks and stripped the brake calipers.
  • Installed new battery and pulled clutch lever actuator apart to clean out the old grease.
  • Checked the wiring, lights, horn, instruments and blinkers.


  • Roadworthy obtained.
  • Have obtained new SS304 Banjo bolts so I will strip the calipers off again and replace the old bolts, then bleed brakes again.

Notes: The standard Calipers are crap, after some thought, I’ve decided that fitting GPz900R calipers will be a better solution as they work MUCH better and are an easy bolt on with minor work.

June – Intend to register bike when rain stops!

July – Registered… but… After sitting for six years the fork seals have proven to be shot, so with me now riding it everyday the leaks started big time. A new set of seals was obtained from England and fitted one Saturday morning in 2 hours 20 minutes. The 2 hours was to do the first one, the 20 minutes was the second fork leg, once I worked out how it was all assembled (very easy to do).


A few things to work on prior to a trip to Phillip Island for the MotoGP.

The Alternator has blown or was already blown, the battery has been slowly going flat. On dis-assembly of the unit, a big black burnt section can be seen. This means a replacement unit will need to be obtained.

The front tyre is at a point where I have now replaced it with a Metzler Lasertech 100/90V19. Rear should be good for 5000klm and is currently a Bridgestone, I will replace it with same when I get back as the Bridgestone is not a bad rear tyre.

Gear Ratios
A run out to Kingaroy for a camping trip on the weekend at the “Tinny Rally” indicated that the sprocket gearing is wrong, at 100klm/hr the engine was doing 4500 rpm, it should be doing 3500 or thereabout as it is an 1175cc engine with heaps of grunt. On disassembly of the rear end, I discovered the sprockets are not standard ratios. The front is a 14 tooth but it should be a 15 tooth and the rear is a 41 tooth instead of the standard 40 tooth. As a result of this the bike revs higher for less top speed. I need the bike to get to the MotoGP in October so I need it to be cruising down the highway, not revving its guts out! new sprockets on order! If I cannot get a 15 tooth front then I can go down to a 37 tooth rear to get a better top speed.

Fork Seals
The fork seals have proven to be OK after I changed them out the other weekend, this means the fork sliders appear to be good.

I dropped the speedo over to Otto Instruments for a service, it is making a whirring noise that is typical of a worn bearing and should get a re-calibration at the same time. Update 25th August 2008 – picked up speedo today, its was reading 102 at 100 and 200 at 190 klm/hr. The defective bearing has been replaced and all is well, will refit tonight.

Sump Oil Leak
The only issue left is the sump leak. I need to do a filter and oil change, so I will drop the sump also and check the sludge in the bottom to get a feel for the state of the motor. On return from Philip Island I will need to do shims and another oil change.

Brake Calipers
Despite my initial strip and clean of the calipers when I bought the bike to get it to roll, I have discovered there is brake fluid weeping from the calipers, so I will need to replace the seals in October if I don’t do it sooner. Update – Three (3) new kits ordered from Z1enterprises.

Bike back and running by the weekend. Just need to fit the speedo and bikini fairing.

No other faults at this stage!