I have a lot of DELL MD3000i iSCSI disk arrays at work, they are a cheap and handy iSCSI disk array so my boss likes to buy them as ex-Demo stock when he can, the only issue with this is that they are usually pre-configured for a demonstration and the controller IP addresses can be set to anything, this does present a small issue when you get one and cannot connect to it. The factory default iP is usually:

Controller 0: IP: Subnet Mask:
Controller 1: IP: Subnet Mask:

But when they arrive at my door they can be set to anything, so here is a very handy tip I discovered by accident.

When the array is first powered on it does an ARP request and advertises its IP, it does this once and once only, so you need a packet sniffer connected to the same network as each controller and then you can capture the IP and configure your network card accordingly.

“Wireshark” can be used to sniff the network.


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