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My (former) partner introduced me to the 50’s sub-culture called rockabilly, which is full of Hot Rods, cool bands and 50’s Fashion, so to indulge our love of all things 50’s we built a Facebook page and started an eCommerce web site to start selling 50’s creations and related paraphernalia that she sourced or created…. the web site is located at http://www.hs-retro-fashions.com. When we split I built a new site called “Rockabilly Dames” and retained “H & S Retro Fashions“.

As the case with a lot of relationships, she moved on but the business sites are still operational, so look for them on Facebook!

Anyway, one of the key components to the web sites is the Magento software they are running on and this has led me to investigate, develop and architect Magento solutions for others as well as the systems I setup. You will find a separate Magento Menu with some useful articles.

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The 1950’s would have to be the coolest time in the planets history 🙂